Another Life Season 2: Katee Sackhoff and Justin Chatwin Return! Release Date and Other exciting information are here for you!


About Another Life Season 2

Another Life is an American science fiction drama series created by Aaron Martin that premier on Netflix. The series follows Erik Wallace (Justin Chatwin), a scientist employed by the US to communicate with a UFO-like object that lands on Earth and grow a crystal shell. Unable to communicate with UFO, Capt. Niko Breckinridge (Katee Sackhoff) takes a spaceship and its crew to find the origin of the alien artifact.

The rating for the series from review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic has been disastrously low; critics claim that the show lacks the spark of novelty and intrigue which keeps people glued to the screen and story. The show has debuted to generally unfavorable reviews but that does not mean the show cannot improve. The series debuted on Netflix on July 25th, 2019.

Another Life Season 2: Release Date

The good news for fans of the show is that Another Life was renewed for another season back in October 2019. With ample time spent on pre-production, production was supposed to begin in Vancouver this year, but the coronavirus pandemic and the resultant lockdown has slowed things down for television and film productions all over the world.

Another Life has also been severely impacted by the pandemic, leaving the release date up in ambiguity.

Another Life Season 2: Cast and Plot

Two people who won’t be returning for the next season are Tyler Hoechlin and Jake Abel, both killed off in the first season. Deadline reported that Tongayi Chirisa has joined the show as a regular, prising the role of Richard Ncube. Dillon Casey, Shannon Chan-Kent and Kurt Yaeger are other reported additions to the cast, set to appear in recurring roles.

Another Life follows the lives of Niko and her husband Erik, both dealing with their problems and their quests for understanding the alien life. With time, they realize that the aliens that they so wished to encounter aren’t as friendly as they had initially hoped; significantly complicating things.

At the finale of the season, the journalist/influencer tells the world that the aliens, called Achaia are peace-loving beings. But, she did so under the control of Achaia, who plan on ending all life on earth. The next season should see development in this direction, hopefully culminating in the confrontation between Salvare and the Achaia.

Hopes are high, for the next season of Another Life.


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