Dragon Maid Season 2 Release Date, Cast, The Plot, Trailer and spoiler every detail is here! Know them right now!


About Dragon Maid Season 2

Dragon Maid Miss Kobayashi is a Japanese manga series created by Coolkyousinnjya. The first season of Dragon Maid aired on television in Japan between January to April 2017, produced by Kyoto Animation.

The Plot of Dragon Maid Season 2

The story of Dragon Maid shows a girl Kobayashi, a programmer who works in an office who is greeted by a dragon outside of her door and then the dragon turns into a maid outfit and calls herself Tohru. It is then revealed that one day when Kobayashi went to an excursion in a drunken stage found a dragon, who claims to come from another world.

Later on, it was shown that Kobayashi removed the sword from Tohru’s back, earning Tohru’s respect, and with no place to live Kobayashi offers Tohru to live in her home as a human maid.
But it creates more problems to Kobayashi as keeping Tohru in her home it brings gods, dragons from another world. In one of the scenes, it shows another dragon Kanna came to Kobayashi’s house to take back Tohru. At last, it was shown that both Kanna, Tohru, and Kobayashi starts to live as a family.

Release Date and Cast of Dragon Maid Season 2

Although it was told by the makers that Dragon Maid renewed its season 2 but no official release date is told by them. However, as per some rumors, the season 2 of Dragon Maid might be released in the year 2021.

Most of the characters of season 1 will be returning for season 2. However, some new characters can also be introduced in season 2 and besides these no more detail is shared by the makers.

The Expectations of Dragon Maid Season 2

In season 2 it might reveal Tohru’s world along with another dragon. It may also show how the landslide occurred in the mountain when Tohru and Kobayashi were having a conversation and how Tohru find out who caused that Landslide. In another way season, 2 will start from where season 1 ended but more than this no further details are shared by the makers.


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