What will happen in Creed 3 with Michael B Jordan? Will Sylvester Stallone Return? Release Date & More Updates


About Creed 3

Creed’s second season is an instant hit with and ready to provide another major hit for this year or might be next year. The official production of season 3 has started earlier this year February 25 for the third installment. The Creed was first released in November 2015, and got praised by a huge amount of people and instantly garnered a lot of love and appreciation, and positive reviews.

It has garnered such a huge amount of love which is directly reflected through its global box office collection which is about $173 million globally. That’s really a remarkable amount because many famous movies are at this level and a huge amount of movies which are below this amount for a rough idea you can consider marvel’s Marvel’s Black Panther (RIP for the great Chadwick Boseman) gathered an amount of $1.3 billion.

The production budget of the Creed is nearly about $35 million. That dissolves everyone’s questioning about the Sequels. There are many speculations about the threequel story. What is going to happen in the n  story? There are many assumptions already spreading.

Amid these assumptions, we hear that for the third season Creators have changed the writing of the writer. That is this time the creator is relying on another writer for the script. To pen the third part of the series Will Smith vehicle King Richard is hired. As we already know that the Ryan Coogler wrote Creed and Juel Taylor wrote Creed II.

That is it was expected that the new writer will pen the series. However, the shooting has already started but we should consider the ongoing situation which can lead to the delay in the show. As we have seen in many cases. So the show might come in starting months or in between of 2021. Hope that there was no delay in the launch of the third season.


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