When is Homecoming Season 2 releasing? Everything you need about the conspiracy and casts and more!


About Homecoming Season 2

Homecoming season 2 is an American Psychological thriller web television series which is based on the book ’Homecoming’ by Gimlet Media. The first season released on 2nd November 2018 on Amazon Prime Video which is directed by Sam Esmail.

The second season premiered on 22nd May 2020 and directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez which reflected a stage for the third installment in the series. 

Recap of Homecoming Season 1

The first season follows the plot as Heidi Bergman who operates at a Homecoming Transitional center; where she works as a therapist by lending hands to civilians life. She basically deals with people who are undergoing PTSD. After four years Heidi discovers herself as a waitress with memory loss in which it concluded. 

Updates about Homecoming Season 2

The second season featured a new story and character. The second season says about Jaqueline where she suddenly turns out up with memory loss and doesn’t know anything about her own personality and get to know who she is, and she identifies herself by her name from a Military ID. She finds out what’s wrong with her and investigates what treatment did on the patients in Transitional centers. 

In the finale also Walter Cruz goes on his mission to change the staff’s drinks with memory-erasing chemicals, where he meets Alex where he doesn’t remember anything about Walter; after attendees have disappeared to the effects of the drug.

The second sequel consists of 7 episodes. 

The series earned many rewards for its storyline and acting skills. So it’s really great to hear that the production planning to release the third installment in the series which may start the shooting in late 2022 after this whole pandemic ends. 

The Cast of Homecoming Season 2:

Joan Cusack as Francine Bunda 

Julia Roberts as Heidi Bergman

Stephan James as Walter Cruz

Chris Cooper as Leonard Geist

Janelle Monáe as Alex and also known as Jackie

Bobby Cannavale as Colin Belfast

Hong Chau as Audrey Temple

Alex Karpovsky as Craig. 


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