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About Lucifer Season 5

Okay so, we know how much you love LUCIFER and there are hardly a few countable people who haven’t heard the name so far! Netflix’s one of the most successful series is Lucifer and the show is really soo much splendid that I even don’t have a word to tell about.

The series was on its correct path and thus we were about to have the next part of season 5. But it is the unfortunate of not just us but every human on the earth that the pandemic Corona Virus attacked our lives made it almost like hell. Well, the in-charge of hell is Lucifer (just kidding I don’t have any clue about hell, but it’s in the shown in the series).


The Plot of Lucifer Season 5

Yes, The series is about the sons of God and mostly about ‘Lucifer’. He was given the responsibility of hell by his father God and though hell is hell! It is a place where no one likes to go even in the dreams.

And so, even Lucifer was tired with it and started a rebellion against his father because of the hell. And now he comes on the earth, here he leaves as a human being and also a police detective, where he falls in love with his colleague ‘Cloe’ which made the series a successful one with truths hidden behind everyone’s lives.

But in the end Lucifer had to go back to hell and leave Cloe alone and as soon as he leaves his twin brother comes on the earth and takes his place for not doing something good but the bad things.

Release Date of Lucifer Season 5

So, the filming of part of season 5 is almost planned I think just the final part is left behind which will be done very soon. And according to the creator of the series it may release in the coming year or let’s say in January 2021 as a New Year gift to all of us!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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