Pale Horse Season 2, Plot, Cast and Released Date, everything you need to know!


About Pale Horse Season 2

On the 13th of March 2029, a new series was released on Amazon Prime and streamed on BBC one for less than 10 days that is from 9th of February 2020 to 16th February 2020. The show is adopted from a novel of the same name which was in the market in the year 1961.

The Plot of Pale Horse Season 2

The story is about a rich man, Mark Easterbrook who is an antique dealer with a great taste and a very beautiful wife, Delphine Easterbrook. So, Mark is still not out from the world of thinking about his first wife who no more in this world, and the story starts getting splendid when Mark found his name in the shoe of died woman and it is said that the names of all those persons in the list are almost dead.

But later in the story, there is a man who kills these people for some of the stupid stuff of his mind by giving them a poison which is not detected. It is very splendid to bing the series and one can Bing it on Amazon Prime.

The Cast of Pale Horse Season 2

The lead role is played by Rufus Sewell of Mark Easterbrook and he describes his character as ” he comes from a very comfortable background, is used to wealth and has extremely good taste. He has a side to him that you wouldn’t necessarily spot”.

Whereas Georgina Campbell plays the role of his wife Delphine Easterbrook, and other casts are Bertie Carvel as Zachariah Osborne, James Fleet as Oscar Venables, Henry Hughes as David Ardingly, Claire Skinner as Tonne Tuckerton, Rita Tushingham as Bella,  Kaya Scodelario as Hermione Easterbrook and Sean Pertwee as Inspector Starkey Lejeune.

Pale Horse Season 2 Anytime soon?

As of now, there is no such official news for release date of second season but it might come in the coming year, or let’s say in 2021. And we will let you know when we have the news.


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