Do you want to know about your favourite historical show ‘Belgravia’ ? Belgravia Season 2 is back with a bang! Here’s everything about about season 2!


About Belgravia Season 2

History is really boring for people like me, but when it is explained in a splendid manner than nothing is much interesting than history and people are also rabid fans of historic drama. It has many secrets hidden in it and when we get to know about it in a different manner other than books everyone loves it.

The Plot of Belgravia Season 2

Let us talk about ‘Belgravia’, maybe you are familiar with it but we could not deny the fact that maybe you don’t! Belgravia is a novel written by the Oscar-winning and our favorite writer ‘Julian Fellowes’ who hit the market in year 2016.

Belgravia is a novel based on historic family and as I mentioned history is not something that everyone loves to read and which is why it was not loved by everyone but yes indeed it was a great book and people loved it.  And very soon a few smart people decided to bring a series based on this novel with same name ‘Belgravia’.

You can watch the trailer of the series here

Actually Belgravia is the name of a place, it is an affluent district of London. The series was directed by ‘John Alexander’ and produced by ‘Colin Wratten’. The second was released on 15th of March 2020 and you’ll be surprised to know that the series has 6 amazing episodes and they covered the complete novel.

The Expectations from Belgravia Season 2

The series is about a historic family from London and the secret. Everything embarked two days past from the battle of Waterloo in 1825. It shows the connection between one of the richest family in England and a normal family.

Release Date of Belgravia Season 2

As I already told the story of the series is plenary so, neither the writer nor the producer has something new to bring. But only in case when ‘Julian Fellowes’ decides to write the story further, season two can be there and we all know how busy he is!

Also in an interview, “For me, this is complete story” Julian said, “although whenever I say this to any of the actors, they disagree with me violently, so I’m not sure we know the definitive answer to that, really we’ll love to see if anyone wants any more” he added.

So, appending with only thing let’s not leave the hopes for next season, it may come!


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