You Season 3: Missing Your Friendly Stalker? Fear Not! Learn Release Date, Cast, Plot And Other Details


About You Season 3

‘You’ is a Netflix Original that tells the story of an obsessive stalker from his perspective. The show stands out for its sharp and witty writing, extremely well fleshed out characters, and attention to detail.

Even with its controversial subject matter, ‘You’ breaks audiences’ expectations and manages to be not only sensational but also true to its narrative technique and characterization. A clever psychological crime thriller, ‘You’ makes the ingenious succession of brining the viewers onto the side of the narrator without letting go of fundamental principles.

Release Dates: You Season 3

The third season of the series was to get filmed towards the beginning of the year. However, due to the pandemic situation shooting could not progress. Showrunner Sera Gamble though has officially confirmed the happening of season 3 in her tweet on February 7th of this year. Moreover, filming is slated to begin early November of this year and roll into the better part of April 2021. The show is one that requires high contact on a regular basis. Therefore, necessary and strict precautions shall be taken during the shooting.

The Cast Of You Season 3 

Season 3 will definitely have the reappearance of our favorite mentally deranged protagonist, Joe Goldberg played by none other than the creepily charming Penn Badgley. Joe’s partner from Season 2, the Love of his life will also gain center focus this season, played by Victoria Pedretti.

Other than these two, Love’s mother, Dottie is expected back by the looks of the last episode of season 2. Saffron Burrows will be sure to resume her role. Apart from these regulars, a new cast member is doing the rounds. Namely, a character by the name of Dante. Excellently, in typical ‘You’ style this character will be an atypical addition to the cast.

The Plot Of You Season 3

Caroline Kepnes’ novels on which the show is based ends at the storyline of season 2. Although she is hard at work with the third book, it is more likely than not that season 3 will have to be on a massively independent streak this time around. Season 3 is expected to hit screens in the latter part of 2021.


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