When Is The Expanse Season 5 Going To Release In Amazon Prime? Dates, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Other Details


About Expanse Season 5

The Expanse is a web series on Amazon Prime that deals with the aftermath of the earth being destroyed. The show displays characters whose job it is to make sure of the proper survival of people on other planets.

The Expanse Season 5 Release Dates

There are no official announcements regarding season 5 releasing on Amazon Prime. However, the shooting was almost wrapped up by February 2020, but the release had to be stalled due to the COVID situation. In addition to that, The Expanse is a show that relies heavily on technical maneuvering. Consequently, this aspect makes it difficult for the show to be released anytime soon.

The Cast Of The Expanse Season 5 

Season 5 is sure to see Thomas Jane and Steven Strait as Joe Miller and James Holden respectively. Further, we expect to see Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham, Paolo Costanzo, and Florence Faivre as Naomi, Amis Burton, Shed Garney and, Julie Mao respectively. However, Cas Anvar ran into some trouble earlier this year regarding sexual misbehavior reported against him.

Therefore, it is yet to be seen if he shall be reprising his role as Alex Kamal. Moreover, Shohreh Aghdashloo is expected back as Chrisjen Avasarala in season 5. Avasarela was last seen heading to Luna in order to device ways of saving Earth from an impending attack.

The Plot Of The Expanse Season 5

The Expanse series is based on books, and season 4 covered a small portion of the book “Nemesis Games.” In season 4 we watch the crew head to a colony planet in order to prevent the spreading of Protomolecule. In addition, we see Holden and Joe Miller catching up on their friendship. On the other hand, Naomi feels the planetary gravity and Amos makes a new acquaintance. For the larger picture, we watch power drifting away from Earth and Mars, as Beltars starts seizing control.

Season 5 is expected to continue from where Season 4 ended. In other words, it shall pick up the trail from Earth being attacked by Marco Inaros. Season 4 released on December 13 2019 on Amazon Prime. Season 5 has slim chances of releasing this year, but as fans, we have to keep our hopes high.


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