The Doors of Stone: The Third Volume of “The Kingkiller Chronicles” To Be Out Soon, All Updates Here!


About The Doors of Stone

For the fans of the kingkiller chronicles, We have good news for all of you. The third volume of the book is about to be released this year. Finally, after about nine years, we have the third and most probably the final volume.

A Short Recap of The Doors of Stone

The kingkiller chronicles Kvothe telling the chronicler  Story about himself. The chronicler first introduces himself and tells him about himself. In return, Kvothe tells him his story for three days. The first day is described in the first volume, the second day described in the second volume and the true one would be described in the final volume.

The first volume deals with Kvothe, the four corners of civilization, about the magic, hierarchy, and power. The second volume deals with the vacation period of Kvothe.  He goes on a vacation, ranging from sea adventurers to magic and foreign lands. However, the female depiction in the series might not be the best.

Then he meets with a fairy who is only there for being of use to him. The only trait about the fairy we know is that she was crazy and lured men. And similarly, the other female characters are not described deeply rather they serve the purpose to help  The main character and don’t have a story of their own.

The second volume isn’t that interesting since things start going down in his adventures. There is no connection between the plots and it seems that things are filled in intentionally. The writer could have done better.

We all await the third volume of the series. we do hope that all the wait and patience is fruitful and Patrick Rothfuss comes up with a good book

The Doors of Stone by Patrick Rothfuss Writing style

Rothfuss’s writing style is one of the best ones. Unlike many other authors, he does not give in to the audience and keep the suspense till the end. He does not explain everything in his novel rather gives clues to the readers.

However, he didn’t do that well in the second volume. We patiently waited for the third volume expecting it to be better than the previous one.

Why Wait for The Doors of Stone?

The fans have been patiently waiting for the third volume which probably would be the last. However, we do expect spinoffs and other books relating to the plot.

The Doors of Stone Update


With the first book released in 2007 and the second volume released in 2011. Two major sides have listed 20 August 2020 as the release date for the book.


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