Log Horizon Season 3 Coming this year & How excited are you about it? October 2020 Release Date CONFIRMED!


Short Recap of Log Horizon Season 2

The anime Focus Group on MMO and games. Here the characters can play the games in the real world, that is the screen appears in the real world. However, the addiction and oxygen of the game quote the gamer into the virtual world.

Now in a normal game when you die the game is over however in the long horizon we see that once the player dies there is resurrected in a church-like setting.

So basically they are all stuck in the game. We also find that the main character Shiroe is an engineer. And Naotsugu, the one who is with him is also a friend of his and uses heavy armor.

Log Horizon Season 3 Main characters

We have the main character or the lead character as Shiroe. He is the graduate engineer, also referred to as Villain in glasses.

His friends include Naotsugu, Who is strong and also called a guardian. Next, we have Akatsuki. She is an assassin and is called a tracker. And Shiroe Refers to himself as her lord out of gratitude.

Marielle is the master of the Crescent moon alliance. Quite friendly and innocent in ways, but strong and serious when required.

Reviewing Animation and Sounds of Log Horizon Season 3

The best part about the log horizon is that the plot is not solely about the game and the characters but also the politics. We see full body meetings and other gatherings to discuss the comics and finance of the game.

It’s not quite strange that when the demons die in a game we get coins however it is weird in real life.

Moreover, where does the money come from would be interesting to know?

The animations and sounds were average. It was all similar to the other MMO based anime. However, it was a good experience watching the show.

Log Horizon Season 3 Updates

The series is how to be in OCTOBER 2020 on NHK Educational.


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