Killing Eve Season 3: Has Eve Been Finally Killed? Release Date, Cast, Plot And Mystery Of Konstantin


About Killing Eve Season 3

Killing Eve is a BBC tv series that shows the story of a psychopathic assassin and an MI6 agent who tries to catch her. The show has won various accolades not only for its feminist screenplay but also for its thrilling portrayal of crime and drama. In Killing Eve, there is no one character that is interesting. Every character has an arc and a fascinating background of their own.

Release Dates Of Killing Eve Season 3

Killing Eve Season 3 released on Monday, April 13 2020 on BBC and iPlayer. It was released ahead in the US on April 12, 2020. The showrunner for season 3 is Suzanne Heathcote. Killing Eve has a remarkable tradition of having new showrunners each season. Phoebe Waller-Bridge was the showrunner for season 1.

Emerald Fennell was the showrunner for season 2. This process breaks the monotony of writing yet hands down familiar characters to be molded into new nuances. It is a progressive and creative aspect of the team.

Cast Of Killing Eve Season 3

Season 3 of Killing Eve will be back with Jodie Comer as the glamorous psychopath, Villanelle. Sandra Oh shall make a come back as the MI6 agent, Eve Polastri. Apart from the lead, Niko, played by Owen McDonnel will be present.

Fiona Shaw shall keep us entranced once again as the enigmatic Carolyn Martins. The absolutely thrilling, adorable yet mystical character of Konstantine will also be seen in season 3. Kim Bodnia shall reprise the role of Konstantin as previous seasons.

The Plot Of Killing Eve Season 3

Season 2 gave us some amazing features. From exotic locations to Villanelle’s fabulous outfits, it’s hard to imagine anything left to be seen. The thematically engulfing song ‘I’m Gonna Haunt You’ by Fabienne Delsol still rings in our ears as we look forward to season 3.

Eve survives the bullet that Villanelle gives her as a parting gift at the end of season 2. Eve lives in anonymity, while Villanelle is presenting not murdering anyone. Her last handler is dead. Season 3 will show us a more human side to Villanelle. It will also focus on the less human side of Eve. A middle ground of their interests crossing over.


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