Is ‘Alara’ Halston Sage leaving The Orville Season 2? Learn About Sage’s Departure From Orville And Arrival At The Prodigal Son


About The Orville Season 2

Xelayan’s strong chief of security bade goodbye to viewers with her return to her home planet. With the fading of her superhuman strength, Alara Kitan sensed the need to visit her home where she might be able to rejuvenate and reacquire her stamina.

On returning home, the bulletproof chief was able to reestablish her bond with her family, who had previously been against her for venturing for a military existence. Consequent to the reunion, Alara Kitan decided to stay back at her home planet thus relieving Xelayan of its chief of security, despite Dr. Claire Finn being able to maneuver a way to offer convalescence while remaining on the ship.

Why Does Alara Kitan Leave The Orville Season 2?

Although The Orville conveniently closes off the strand to Alara’s story, it has been still widely speculated as to why Halston Page had to leave the show. Fox has offered no coherent reason regarding the same, and show creator and Executive Producer Seth McFarlane has not issued any statement explaining the exit either. Even Sage herself has been unable to provide for a clear reason, saying it was a decision taken with the show’s bigger picture in mind.

Meanwhile, USS Orville’s Xelayan has already gotten itself a new chief of security in the form of Talla Keyali, who is played by Jessica Szohr.

Prodigal Son On Fox: The Orville Season 2

Sage is, however, back on Fox in another show called Prodigal Son, where she plays Ainsley Whitley, who happens to be the daughter of a serial killer who goes by the name of Martin Whitley (played by Micheal Sheen). Sage’s character reports on crime for television, in this new series.

Sage did not land the new show instantly, however. She has admitted to auditioning constantly after leaving The Orville, and fortunately being able to make it to Prodigal Son.

Playing A Serial Killer’s Daughter: The Orville Season 2

Sage looks completely different in the new show since viewers have been accustomed to seeing her in The Orville costume. She appears in Prodigal Son sans alien ears, dark-haired wig, and an extra forehead. Sage has also claimed to research fervently for her role. She has mentioned reading the book ‘The Serial Killer’s Daughter’ to prep for the role. Prodigal Son is a much darker show as compared to the sci-fi comedy The Orville.


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