Yuri On Ice Season 2: Will The Sports Manga Series Make A Comeback With The Second Season?


About Yuri On Ice Season 2

Yuri On Ice is an anime series since 2016. The show only got one season since 2016 and the fans have been demanding more ever since. This show has got excellent rating according to some critics and the fans have received it well too.

More than 97% of the fans/viewers have liked the show and according to IMDb, it has a rating of 8.3 out of 10. Well, with such good ratings and appreciation it is likely that the second season will be renewed.

The Release Date of Yuri On Ice Season 2

The second season of the sports manga genre series was supposed to be released this year. But, the whole world is affected by the coronavirus so that timeline has been devastated. The outbreak of the virus has caused a temporary shutdown to all the entertainment industry all over the world.

But, the fans might not lose their hope because the second season is expected to release next year in the month of June-July. So, we need to have some patience till then. While there is a lot of time for the release of the second season you can watch a special movie clip.

The Plot of Yuri On Ice Season 2

There are not many details with us about the second season so we have to wait for a little to get some information about the show. But, there is a certain assumption that the second season might pit Yuri and Victor against each other.

This means that their relationship will be getting more complicated. Still, it is hard to suggest the exact plot of the second season because there is no information available as of now. Till then stay tuned for more updates.

The Cast Of Yuri On Ice Season 2

Toshiyuki Toyonaga as the lead character Yuri Katsuki, Jun’ichi Suwabe as Viktor, Josh Grelle, Kristen McGuire as Loop Nishigori, Micah Solusod as Plisetsky. These characters played in the first season of the show so, we think that the same will be seen in the second season too. But, we do not have any exact details about who will return and who will not.

So, till then stay tuned. We will be more than happy to keep you updated.


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