The Expanse Season 5: Amazon Prime Video Will Make A Comeback With The Fifth Season Of The Sci-Fi Series

The Expanse Season 3

About The Expanse Season 5

The Expanse is a sci-fi television series since 2015. The show gained huge popularity soon after its release. Fans loved the show and the critics too gave the show good ratings. More than 95% of the viewers have liked the show. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the show has a rating of 93% which is great.

The Expanse Season 5: Release Date

The third season of the sci-fi series has been released in the Amazon Prime network. If you still haven’t watched it yet then you are missing out on a major series in your life. This series is a must-watch series. The third season was premiered in April 2018. This season too became a huge hit soon after the release.

The production for the third season had begun filming just the previous year that is in May 2017. And soon after that the filming started. The Fifth Season of the show had arrived back on Dec 12, 2019.

The Expanse Season 5: Plot Line

The second season finale left on an emotional note. And following that the new 13 episodes third season found Earth, Mars, and The Belt at war. The third season saw that these three planets were competing against each other for vying the control. It was in the third season itself when the gears shifted which no one expected. The Ring was opened up in the third season and forced the factions to work together to survive.

Whereas, the fifth season of the show goes to be all Nemesis Games. The fifth season clarifies certain troubles across the solar system. Now, in this season the people have gone to the Ring Gates. The fifth season will show the audience most of the personal lives of the characters.

The Expanse Season 5: Casts

The casts of the show are Dominique Tipper, Naomi Nagata, Wes Chatham, Cas Anvar, Frankie Adams, Shawn Doyle, Sadavir Errinwright.

The Expanse series has got four seasons till now. Now, looking at the popularity of the show we could expect that there will be a fifth season too. But, there are no official announcements yet. We will be more than happy to keep you updated if there is any. Till then stay tuned for more updates.

Well, this is it, guys. We hope that you are doing some binge-watching during this lockdown so if you still haven’t seen this series then do watch it. Good Luck Guys!

Watch the season 4 trailer:



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