Greenhouse Academy Season 5: Will Netflix Network Bring The Fifth Season of The Adolescence Series?


About Greenhouse Academy Season 5

Greenhouse Academy is a Netflix adolescent series since 2017. The series’ first episode was released on 8th Sep 2017. One thing we can say about the series is that it is a really good series. The show was well-received by the audience. The series has got a rating of 7 out of 10 according to IMDb.

The series has got four seasons till now. And we hope that the fans get to see the fifth season too. Read further to know more about the release, renewal date of the fifth season.

The Release Date of Greenhouse Academy Season 5

There is a piece of bad news for the fans. The fifth season of the show has been officially canceled. Netflix had officially canceled the show’s fifth season with an undisclosed reason. Devastated fans will never see the fifth season of the show.

The fourth season of the show had the same story which was based upon the second half of the show’s second season. The fourth season of the show was released this year in the month of March. The final episode had arrived on 20th Mar 2020.

The Casts of Greenhouse Academy Season 5

The Israeli show has got Ariel Mortman as Hayley, Grace Van Dien as Brooke, Dallas Hart as Leo Cruz, Cinthya Carmona as Sophie, Finn Roberts as Alex Woods, Jessica Amlee as Jackie, Benjamin Papac as Max Miller, Chris O’Neal as Daniel. There are several other characters who were seen in the series.

Some of the casts were not happy because there would be no fifth season. Some of them even said that the moments that they spent together will be cherished forever.

The Plot Of Greenhouse Academy Season 5

The plotline is that in a private school some kids are drawn from competing houses into a secret investigation. Then the kids find out a dangerous plot to destroy the planet. Then they join hands to save the world.

Well, this is it, guys. We hope that the article was helpful enough for you. Stay tuned for more updates. Other than Greenhouse Academy you could also go for ‘Finding Carter’, House of Anubis. These are some related shows which you could give a try.


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