Bill Omar Carrasquillo aka ‘Omar In A HellCat’: The Multi Millionaire’s Properties Has Been Sealed By The FBI


About Bill Omar Carrasquillo:

Before moving to the news about the sealing of the properties and bank accounts let’s be clear who Bill Omar is. Bill Omar Carrasquillo aka Omar is a multi-millionaire businessman, Youtuber, and many other things.

The 33-year-old guy is known for his wealthy lifestyle and his supercars. From a very young age, he decided to earn money by making online videos. He did not just stick to only one way of earning but he also worked as a pizza delivery guy, resold things online, a freelance writer too.

His Youtube channel named ‘Omar In A Hellcat’ has about 140 videos with 712k subscribers. Well, in his youtube videos he does vlogging and shows his supercars to his fans. He worked hard to earn that much amount of money so you must be wondering what wrong did he do?

The Youtuber was caught under the radar of the FBI last year in the month of November. He was being investigated for tax evasion, money laundering. After the investigating was done he was found guilty and because of this, the FBI sealed his assets.

Omar’s income became huge because he had been doing this for years. We do not have many details about the raid yet. But, his bank accounts, his fancy Rolex watches, his supercars were not limited.

Bill said in an interview that all his money was earned legally not illegally. So, something does not seem right here. If he does earn that much money legally then why would be declared guilty after the investigation made by the FBI?

The millionaire went to a depression stage and he went through a tough situation. He almost went broke but he did not give up. He soon overcame all the huddles and came through everything. Now, he is doing good in his life.

To know more about the lifestyle of Omar then I suggest you go to his youtube channel.

We wish all the best to Omar for his future. Till then stay tuned for other details.


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