Will HBO bring back True Detective Season 4? All you need to know about the Release Date, Cast and Plot of True Detective Season 4


About True Detective Season 4

The season 3 of the True detectives ended with a happy ending, which is uncommon for HBO show in general and True Detectives in particular. That had given rise to the question about the future of the show and if HBO has, in fact, any plans of taking it any further to release the fourth season.

The final nail in the coffin was the news that Nick Pizzolato, the writer of the show has left the True Detectives and ended his deal with HBO.

The Plot of True Detectives Season 4:

The three seasons of the show released with a gap of two to three years in between. The American criminal anthology series stars Mathew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson Collin Ferrel, Rachel McAdams, Mahershala Ali, Carmean Ejogo among many other leading actors over the three seasons.

The show received high acclamations and prizes, especially for its cinematography and screenplay. True Detectives made its first appearance on HBO on January 12, 201,4 and the opening sequence was an ambitious project undertaken by a collaborative team of three motion-design studios- Elastic, Antibody, and breeder.

The sequence consists of breath-taking shots of Louisiana where the show is based. The use of popular country-rock in the opening theme, from “Far from home” by Handsome Family in the season 21 “Nevermind” by Leonard Cohen in season 2 to “Death Letter” by Cassandra Wilson in the third season.

There have been twenty-four episodes of the show till now, each season containing eight episodes dealing with separate crime stories.

Release Date of True Detective Season 4

The ratings of the third season went down from the first two. Pizzolatto had said that he had plans for the storyline of the fourth season. However, with his departure from HBO, there is little hope of knowing what it was. He is currently working with Fox 21 TV studios and FX production in another TV drama, titled Redeemer.

Since the HBO has not made any official announcement of the cancellation, the True Detective might get a fourth season without the original writer. However, the possibility of that happening anytime soon is bleak.


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