Is IZombie Season 6 cancelled? All you need to know about the Release Date is here! Know more about the show now!


About IZombie Season 6

The fifth season of iZombie very clearly seems to have wrapped up the story to the disappointment of its fanbase. However, the fans do not seem to be satisfied with only five seasons and are already demanding for season 6 of the zombie feast. Will the creators and producers succumb to this demand and renew the show for season 6?

Although the fans are in a lookout to find in a loophole in the plotline that has been left unanswered, it is extremely unlikely that iZombie is ever going to come back again.

IZombie Season 6 Plot

With three nominations to the Teen’s Choice Awards and cult popularity among zombie series lovers, the way the fifth season ended left very little room for another season to happen story-wise. iZombie is based on a comic series of the same name by Chris Roberson and Micheal Allred and published by DC Comics.

The story revolves around a Zombie Coroner, Olive “Liv”’ Moore, played by actress Rose McIver, who uses her abilities to solve crimes in the city. The cast also includes YouTube channel Fanhaus fame Rahul Kohli, who plays Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti and David Anders.

The show is directed by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright. The five seasons are available for streaming on Netflix.

Will IZombie Season 6 Release?

Liv turns into a zombie but instead of killing innocent lives, she starts working in King County Morgue to satisfy her appetite for human brains among the dead bodies in the morgue. Dr. Chakrabarti soon gets to know about her situation and becomes her companion and confidant.

Being a scientist himself, he chooses to study her zombie-condition and discover a cure for it. Liv, on her part, can see flashbacks of the lives of the people whose brains she eats and helps the police department to find the killers in case of murder victims. The show that started as a supernatural crime drama, turned into a pseudo-zombie apocalypse show over the seasons where the number of zombies infections continued to increase in the city of Seattle.

The fifth series ended with Ravi injecting the head Zombie with his discovered anti-Zombie medicine and curing the zombie in the process which ends the human-zombie conflict for good. As the readers have guessed, there is no requirement, hence, for the sixth season, and in spite of its popularity, the show has ended in its own terms.


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