Disenchantment Season 3- All you need to know about Release date, plot, cast and trailer is here


About Disenchantment Season 3

The American animated sitcom Disenchantment is all set to come back for a third season. Netflix released the official teaser and the expected release date of the second part of the second season earlier this year.

The teaser gave a sneak peek into the lead characters of the show- Bean, Luci, and Elfa’s life. The humor in the dialogues and the witty storyline has earned the show a strong and broad fanbase. The release of the trailer, therefore, has created a lot of anticipation among the audience.

The Story of Disenchantment Season 3

The fantasy, animated sitcom is created by Matt Groening and was released on the online streaming platform Netflix. He is also the creator of popular animated series like Futurama and The Simpsons that was produced by the Fox Broadcasting Company. The show is based on the background of a medieval fantasy kingdom called Dreamland. The story is about a rebellious, alcoholic princess of the kingdom and his friendly elf companion, Elfy.

Each of the last two episodes had twenty episodes each, released in two parts of ten episodes.
The cast of the show includes Abbi Jacobson, the young princess Bean of Dreamland, Eric Andre as the Bean’s personal demon Luci and Nat Faxon as Efl. The last seasons showed Prince Merleimer of kingdom Bentwood (played by David Herman), Bean’s fiancé, was turned into a pig. Like the other two seasons, the third season will also release in two parts.

The season is expected to look into how the young princess survives in the magical kingdom with the help of Luci and Elf as she steers her way into adolescence. Not much can be known to expect from the third season until the second part of the second season releases.

Release Date and Teaser of Disenchantment Season 3:

Groening said in an interview that he has quite a list of mythical characters ready to be introduced in the show. The second part of the second season is about to release in September. Not much is known about the third season as of yet. The animated release date announcement of the second season will be below for you to watch!



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