When Netflix Is Coming Up With Hi Score Girl Season 2? Global Release, Story, Plot And Everything You Want To Know. Gear Up!

Hi School Girl Season 2

Hi-Score Girl Season 2, The Japanese Hit

Hi-Score Girl is one of the most popular animation series in Japan. The story adapted from the famous Manga series and it tastes traditional Japanese storytelling. The story back in 2010 was a hit animation series used to published monthly in Big Gangan Magazine.

From the magazine edition, only people loved the romantic comedy series hits with drama. Seeing the popularity of the print edition Rensuke Oshikiri thought of brings that in broadcast media. And thus she written and illustrated the series and made it air in J.C.Staff, a Japanese animation production house.

The Hi Score Season 2 Girl Broadcast

The show hits the screen with full of enthusiasm and excitement among the animation lover. Hi-Score Girl manages to gain a huge fan following as soon as it hit the screen back in 2018. People loved the romantic comedy and the dramatic plot of the animation series.

Though Netflix decided to air the series there was no English dub of the series. Netflix than seeing the popularity premiered the show on the global platform with an English dub. That made the show hit globally and within few days the show got a huge response from the global fans.

Hi Score Girl Season 2 Plot

The show revolves around two young people of 6th standard who eventually fall for each other started with a rivalry. Haruo Yaguchi is a frequent gamer and passes his most of the time in-game parlor. Except for a challenging gamer, Haruo Yaguchi is not very much smart with other curricular activities or studying.

All the time he is busy playing the game and then Akira Oono came into the scene. She is a talented, enthusiastic, and active girl in the school. She is popular among the students and is challenging in almost every curricular activities.

Haruo Yaguchi and Akira Oono indulge in a game challenge. And rivalry started among them as Haruo Yaguchi was the best in the parlor before her. But her performance in-game brings complexity in him and the story started full of excitement and fun.

Netflix Release And Expectation Around Hi-Score Girl Season 2

Hi-Score Girl is a very much engaging show loved by all irrespective of age. The series released in October 2019 in Japan and ended in December the same year.

Fans from than hoping for a Netflix release as soon as possible. It is in the air that Netflix might come up with season 2 of Hi-Score Girls in early 2021 as COVID made a delay to the Netflix premiere.

Let’s gear up for the early 2021 global release of Hi Score Girl!


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