What’s Happening in the Netflix What If Season 2? Are They Gearing For A Season 2 yet, Or There Is No Chatter At All? Have A Look..


Is What If Season 2 Happening

‘What If’ is one of Netflix’s most successful series. The 1st season of the series managed to gain a huge fan following in few days. Nevertheless, Netflix eagerly wants a season 2 for the immensely successful story as soon as possible.

The American ghost story series went well with the viewer’s taste and are definitely want to have season 2. Mike Kelley, the creator of the series is quite confident about season 2 and seems production work going at a great speed.

Recap of What If Season 2

What If

What If season 1 released back in May 2019 on Netflix. In a few days, the show reaches the hight of success with a tremendous fan following. The season consisted of 10 episodes and each of them were full of twist and exciting suspense. Which made it more engaging and kept fans grasp for more of the episodes.

Creator’s Statement on What If Season 2

Mike in a recent talk revealed few of the facts on What If season 2. The 2nd season of the show will be a whole different story according to him. It won’t bring back anything from season 1. Season 2 of What If is not going to be a continuation of season 1 rather a different story is coming up under the same name.

What If

He assures fans that though it won’t be a continuation but will be as engaging as before. There will be more suspense and thrill in season 2 of What If. There will be a lot more of moral questioning with more of a wrestle and hues.

Expected Release Date Of What If Season 2

Mike is all set to hit the screen as soon as possible and Netflix is also not behind to air the amazing storyline for the viewer. But global pandemic COVID somehow delayed in the process. although fans can expect a late 2020 release of the most popular show.

Excitement Around What If Season 2

According to creators and other sources, the What If season 2 is going to be full of enthusiasm and thrills.

Fans gear up to have the most thrilling and enthusiastic moral questions of American Ghost story series What If in Netflix soon!


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