What’s Brewing For BBC Detective Fiction The Pale Horse Season 2? Will There Be A Season 2? The Cast, Plot, Twist And Many More!

The Pale Horse
The Pale Horse cast

The Pale Horse Season 2 Release

The Detective fiction series The Pale Horse is a mini-series. First released in BBC One on 9th February and concluded on 16th February. The series consists of only two episodes. In those two episodes, the show managed to gain an immense fan following.

Seeing the popularity and love for the mini-series Amazon Prime kept a special premiere of the detective series on March 13. The Pale Horse manages to hook fans on Amazon Prime as well and get a huge success for the online platform.

The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse Season 2 Story Adaptation

The Pale Horse is an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s acclaimed novel. The plot of the story was engaging and full of suspense and drama. Which help the show to gain so much popularity just after the release.

The Pale House

The Pale Horse is still a treat for the detective series lover and carries the same track of fan following. Seeing the tremendous success of The Pale Horse fans expecting a season 2 of the series.

Possibility Of The Pale Horse Season 2

But as the story had a dead-end in the season 1 there is less possibility of a season 2. If that happens also it won’t be based on the novel. According to the source, the makers might take another novel of Agatha Christie for a season 2 of the show.

The Pale Horse Season 2 Plot

The Pale horse revolved around an antique businessman who is well settled and married to a beautiful lady. But he is not able to get out of the trauma of losing his first wife. The story gets suspicious when Mark the businessman finds his name in a piece of paper inside the shoe of a dead woman.

The Pale Horse

Eventually, all the people listed in the paper started to die. The suspense and thrill get us deeper to a village where few women reside in a harem called The Pale Horse. The story goes on with the new discovery and finding the person behind all the death.

Anticipation Around The Pale Horse Season 2

Season 2 of The Pale Horse is much anticipated. Hope the makers come up with an exciting and thrilling series by earlier next year.


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