Fuller House Season 5 Part 2: What’s Making The Show Delayed For Such Long? Is Part 2 Releasing Any Soon? What’s Cooking In the House!!

Fuller House Season 5

Most Anticipated Fuller House Season 5 Part 2

Fuller House is one of the fewest series that prefer to come in a spin-off. Earlier in 3rd season as well they release the season in 2 parts in a gap of 3 months. Keeping fans hooked around the series might be one strategy behind the spins offs.

But what worries the fans of this most popular family drama is the delay in part 2. Though the part 1 of the season release back in 9th December 2019. We saw in the 3rd season of the show which released in 2 parts in an interval of 3 months. And thus we were expecting part 2 in earlier 2020 sometimes.

Possible Reason For Delay Of Fuller House Season 5 Part 2

But till now there is no official announcement from the maker about the part 2 of the Fuller House season 5. COVID situation in the world can be one of the possible reasons behind the delay. As Corona came into the scene at the end of March so we are guessing maker thus could not make it into the screen.

The excitement was on high at the end of part 1 of season 1. All ends well between the members of the Fuller family. There were some wild and hilarious moments in the first 9 seasons of the show. So we were expecting a part 2 of the series full of enthusiasm and right comic timing.

Fuller House Season 5 Part 2 Plot

Part 1 ends with 3 engagement in a row with full of excitement and twist. Where DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy all the she-wolf of the family engaged with their loved ones with a loved fill ending of part 1.

Thus, a marriage for this trio was onboard in the next part. It was most probable to see the marriage of the 3 amazing ladies if they would ready for marriage in a group.

Wait For Fuller House Season 5 Part 2

But as till now, there is no official announcement from the makers we can’t assume much about the show. It is one of the most anticipated series on Netflix. Fans waiting eagerly for part 2 of the series. Let’s hope for an early announcement from the maker!


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