Gamers brace yourself cause your favourite game is back with another Season!God of War 5, Here’s what all you need to know about! Check it out.


About God of War 5

The name of ‘God of war’ in the world of games is not titular but it is very Mandan and it secured a really high place in the gamer’s lives.

Games make people happy and develop the minds of children, they open up their minds with their highly computerized features. Nowadays the adventures games are most loved by the people and not only the children but even teens and adult also love to play these games and so as ‘God Of War’

The Plot of God of War 5

The action-adventure game- God of War which has millions of die-hard fans over the world was developed by Santa Monica studio and it is published by Comy interactive entertainment. God Of War has been one of the Play station’s shining jewels since its debut as a console exclusive in 2005.

Till now there were four parts of the game and each and every part is unique in itself, every part has some special features every part has their different value and so it is one of the favorite games of people over the course of its 14-years life Span.

Release Date of God of War 5

The director of God od war ‘Cory Barlog’ is really canny so Cory didn’t waste any time in bringing the ox down on tumors that an announcement for God of war 5 is imminent.

With the announcement of Play Station 5, everyone expected the release of God of war 5, but no one has the clue of the dates or how long will it take to come out. Santa Monica hasn’t confirmed anything about the sequel, including when it should hit the market yet. Though Cory Barlog made headlines for responding to a series of tweets originally shared by IGN.

But let me make you ebullient that in the coming partvwe may see one of our favourite avengers hero ‘Thor’. Thir with his baggage containing weapons, magical abilities will appear in PS5 but may as an ugly man. He will be exceptionally tall and masculine for which we love him. So let’s just wait for the God of war 5 to release and hope for the best.


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