Want to know about Winds of Winter ? Release Date, Story Line and all other major updates from George R.R. Martin.


About Winds of Winter

Winds of Winter, the penultimate addition to A Song of Ice and Fire is expected to be out soon. As George R.R. Martin mentioned in one of his blogs that the pandemic has led him to make a “steady progress” in writing the 1500-word manuscript. He revealed that he had been writing almost every single day and hopes to finish it by the next year.

After the book A Dance with Dragons was released on 29th October 2012, fans have been awaiting the release of Winds of Winter. Winds of Winter were supposed to be the final installment in the series, but the author assured us that he would bring out another novel probably called ‘A Dream of Spring’.

The Plot of Winds of Winter

The previous book in the series, A Dance with Dragons failed to satisfy the readers as it covered much less than the estimated plot. The story ended with cliffhangers for all of the major characters of the book. Sources speculated the release of the Winds of Winter, way earlier as Martin had already put down four of the chapters, by June 2010.

The fascinating bit about the series is the point-of-view chapters of some of the major characters like Sansa Stark, Arianne Martell, and Aeron Greyjoy. Martin has responded to his fans by saying that he will even address the two battles (The Battle of Slaver’s Bay especially) in the initial chapters of the Winds of Winter. With the viewpoint chapters piling up the hype around the series has skyrocketed.

Release date of Winds of Winter

The Winds of Winter author George R.R. Martin posted that he had been living within the boundaries of his cabin scribbling away at his desk. The upcoming book is surely going to be a heavy one for a large amount of time taken up to produce it. With a few other projects in hand, like ‘The House of Dragon’ and ‘Wild Cards’, he is positive to finish it by the end of this year.


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