The Doors of Stone, Is there a Release Date? plots and other updates are here for you!


About The Doors of Stone

The most awaited book for the book lovers, The Doors of Stone is finally coming. The very famous and appreciated writer Patrick Rothfuss is working for his trilogy Kingkiller Chronicle for about a decade.

The fans are much more excited about Kvothe’s next adventures and no spoilers can diminish the excitements. The release dates of the book have been ranging from 2014-2018 after the second book of Kingkiller Chronicle.

The Plot of The Doors of Stone

The Doors of Stone is the third or final sequel of the best seller author Patrick Rothfuss. His trilogy Kingkiller Chronicle has three books all total. The first one The Name of the Wind then The Wise Man’s Fear and the last and awaited The Doors of Stone.

During the times of the 1st sequel, Rothfuss has confessed that he has decided the name of the final sequel to be The Doors of Stone. The name held a number of controversies as he stated that it was not much liked by the editor.

The Doors of stone’s story is going to be the continual of Kvothe’s life from The Wise man’s fear. The book will complete the arc begun in the first book, The Name of the wind. In a question and answer series in 2012 on The Doors of the Stone, Rothfuss has said that the third book is going to be better than the 2nd one. And he hadn’t a release date for the book then. He wants every subplot of the story to be perfect.

The fans are waiting for the book anxiously as the third one is going to be the climax of Kvothe’s life. The two phases of life of Kvothe create a great mystery and that needs a perfect ending. We truly hope The Doors of the stones come soon and reveals the rest of the stories of the adventurer and musician, Kvothe.


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