Will Attack On Titan Season 4 be the best season of the series?? Know everything about the Show and the upcoming season now!


About Attack On Titan Season 4

When the AOT season 3 was dropped in 2018, there were so many expectations and hypes from the anime fans for the next season of AOT.

Attack on Titan is a Japanese fantasy anime series. It received its first-time television airing in Japan on 17th April of 2013 and started releasing its next sequences consecutively after the fame for its plot. The anime is based on a Manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama.

The Attack of Titans’ story is regarding a world where humanity lives inside the towns which are enclosed by massive walls because of the man-eating titans. The anime is directed by Tetsuro Araki, production is done by Tetsuya Kinoshita and written by Hiroyuki Sawano.

Release Date of Attack On Titan Season 4

The sad and overwhelming actuality of this season is that this is the final and ultimate season of Attack of Titans.

The Attack of Titan season 4 release date is set to be in October 2020 as per the official anime resources, but the premiere is postponed due to the pandemic, so it might take to broadcast in the early of the year 2021 on NHK General.

The recently released trailer of Attack Of Titans provided us with a peek of the outside world which reveals new weapons, the introduction of new titans, new identities, along with a world war kind of battlefield. It is also discovered that all other titans play a significant role along with the lead actors Eren, Mikasa, Armen.

Season 3 finished up at Eren’s fabled basement by disclosing the truth of the world about the titans and the unknown history. So it is the primary concern for AOT final season to be the best season as it ties the loose ends starting from season 1 to season 3 of AOT.

The Plot of Attack On Titan Season 4

The final season of AOT concentrates on Eren and his return to the town together with his other titans. However, the conspiracy is mostly about Eren with the help of Armin Mikasa and Ackerman who will look to regain their lost glory to save the face of humanity.

And the trailer uncovers that the season will end in an exciting way and might have the chance to divide the last season into two blocks.

The Cast of Attack On Titan Season 4

The fans are overwhelmed by taking notice of their favourite character’s voice and action for the last time as this is going to be the last season of this epic. The lead cast of all the previous seasons of AOT will be back in season 4. However, the characters are,

● Eren Yeager is played by Yuki Kaji.
Mikasa Ackerman as Yui Ishikawa.
Maria Inoue plays the role of Armin Arlet.
Levi is played by Hiroshi Kamiya and so on.




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