Has Netflix really cancelled the reboot of the Greenhouse Academy 5? All you need to know about the probability of the release of Greenhouse Academy 5!


About Greenhouse Academy 5

Greenhouse Academy star Cynthia Carmona, in her interview with a reputed newspaper, has said that there are no plans to release the fifth season of Greenhouse Academy.

The news of its cancellation has brought immense disappointment for the fans of the teen drama which was left to end abruptly, leaving a lot of aspects uncovered. This came as a shock to the fanbase since reportedly, there had been initial planning for six seasons in total for the series.

Expectations from Greenhouse Academy 5:

The show was always known to go overboard with their storyline. The plot revolves around two teen siblings Hayley (played by Ariel Mortman) and Alex Woods (played by Finn Roberts) from the working class, who wins a scholarship to study in a posh private boarding school, The Greenhouse Academy. Their days in the college made them face everything- from an evil organization to an extra-terrestrial virus attack.

The fourth season ended with the students busting the plans of the criminal organization to release a poisonous, alien virus into their school. However, they later discovered that the organization is led by Jason Osmond, the son of the headmaster of Greenhouse Academy, Louis Osmond. This is the gripping point where the fifth season is supposed to take over.

Will Greenhouse Academy 5 Release?

The creator of the show Giora Chamizer confirmed that Netflix has canceled the show without any apparent reason just before the cast was ready to start shooting in autumn. The show was based on the Israeli TV show called The Greenhouse.

According to reports, Chamizer has started working for another project called the Sky which proves there are few plans to start the filming of Greenhouse Academy 5 anytime son. Even if the further sequels are to be released, they would have to find a new streaming platform.



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