Big Little Lies Season 3: Is Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman Coming Back–Dates And Cast Details


About Big Little Lies Season 3

Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon’s hit miniseries ‘Big Little Lies’ left the audience gasping for more at the end of season 2. With the introduction of Meryl Streep as the mother, the show lifted itself higher from its already lofty fanbase and speculations began for a third season.

At its inception, the show was meant to be a 7 episode miniseries, but its overwhelming popularity and overall success compelled a second season which began right where the original novel ended: at the beach scene.

HBO President Casey Bloys is all for a follow-up season but he has expressed concern over being able to synchronize the schedules of so many high profile actresses, and reasonably so. Kidman has also displayed considerable enthusiasm for seeing a future to the Monterey Five after they go into the police station.

The Plot Big Little Lies Season 3

Even though the series was supposed to be self-contained within the first season–the creators were able to pull off a new arc to the story and successfully keep fans engaged with a gripping screenplay.

Kidman has also talked about the show needing the participation of author Lianne Moriarty and showrunner David E Kelley in order to construct a compelling script if season 3 were to make the cut. She also insists on having all the original cast members for any possible season.

Release Date of Big Little Lies Season 3

A show constricted to just 7 episodes–expanded deftly to a second season and very easily leading to the third season–does beckon the skills and talents of the likes of David E Kelly who has been remarkable in his older ventures as well.

However, the second season was produced in 2018 and only hit screens in 2019; so we might as well tend to a long wait before we can see a ray of season 3 if it were to actually happen. The ensemble cast and flawless storyline though makes it all that harder.



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