World War Z 2: Brad Pitt & Daniella Kertesz Are Back, Premiering Date, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know!

World War Z 2:

About World War Z 2

World War Z is an apocalyptic zombie genre film. The movie was firstly premiered in July 2013. It is based on a novel with the exact same name written by Max Brooks in 2006. In fact, the film was a surprise hit all over the world and at the box office with more than $500 million.

As a result, it gained its fan base and its own video game which was developed with the same name also. This led its viewers to demand a sequel ever since, yet the movie kept getting delayed. Why was it canceled so many times? Will it ever be back? If so, when would that be? All of your questions will be answered in the following article.

World War Z 2 Release Date

After the success of the first part of World War Z, producers decided to go for a sequel. However, the manufacturing of the film’s sequel was at speculations for several times. Even though the sequel was anticipated to launch in 2017, the shooting did not take place at that time and it remained a question for many.

Following that attempt, rumors started going around in 2018 that the manufacturing will start in autumn that year. Nevertheless, the movie’s creation has been postponed because Brad Pitt signed and started the movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Having been intended to start shooting in June 2019, this time it got canceled because China Government banned all zombies and/ or ghosts movies. In the present time, fans are not expecting the production to start anytime sooner due to Covid19 pandemic reasons. This concludes that a release before 2020 is highly unlikely.

World War Z 2 Plot

Since the film is based on the book whose plot spans and extends into a much different zombie-pandemic political future, the filmmakers are given plenty of material to draw from. Moreover, the previous movie ended with Brad Pitt’s character Gerry Lane discovering those infected with fatal diseases are ignored.

World War Z 2: "Brad Pitt"' & "Daniella Kertesz" Are Back, Premiering Date, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know!

Therefore, the world develops a vaccine to act as camouflage in order to pass among the infected, so Gerry states that there is much left to be done. In World War Z 2, we expect to see what happens after this glimmer of hope for mankind’s survival against the undead. Yet, whether that fight actually starts remains to be determined.

World War Z 2 Cast

Viewers are extremely optimistic thinking that the primary cast of this movie World War Z will comeback. However, it should be noted that aside from the inevitable return of Brad Pitt Together with Mireille Enos, no cast was verified to be back in the sequel. On that account, we hope for:

World War Z 2: "Brad Pitt"' & "Daniella Kertesz" Are Back, Premiering Date, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know!

  • Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane
  • Mireille Enos as Karin Lane
  • James Badge Dale as Captain Speke
  • Daniella Kertesz as Segen
  • Matthew Fox as Parajumper
  • Ludi Boeken as Jurgen Warmbrunn
  • Fana Mokoena as Thierry Umutoni
  • Abigail Hargrove as Rachel Lane
  • Sterling Jerins as Constance Lane



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