Dirty Money Season 3, is the new talk of the town? After the successful second season the makers decide to go for another : Release date, Plot, Cast, and all the facts that help you quench the curiosity.


About Dirty Money, the Netflix show.

Dirty money is a television series released in 2018, that made a comeback with six mind-boggling episodes on the 11th of March this year. Fans have been craving for more, as Netflix is about to announce the arrival of yet, another season of Dirty Money. It tells the story of corporate corruption and financial fraud.

The first season kicked off with the HSBC’s money laundering fraud and explored some of the most controversial scandals from the Volkswagen emissions and Valent Pharmaceuticals scandal. While the second season involves Jared Kushner and Wells Fargo account fraud.

Release date and Plot of Dirty Money Season 3.

It seems that it is again returning with new episodes of corruption and financial malfeasance, to portray the ill-effects of the corrupt financial institutions in our daily lives. All of the episodes will be available to stream on Netflix.

As the season two aired recently (in the March of 2020 to be precise), it is a little too soon to expect for the announcement for another season, but the authorities have indicated the season three to be out soon. Also, to keep in mind, the Pandemic did affect its’ proceedings, big time!

The Cast of Dirty Money Season 3?

The cast of Dirty Money includes Alex Gibney as one of the major executive producers. The first season did feature people like Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Stuart Johnson, and several others.

This time it would be an understatement if none but much rich/infamous people are found to be cast for the show. The series has provided us with 12 episodes so far and it is hard to assume how many more it is going to come up with! Although, until the release of any official statement nothing can be confirmed.

Watch the Trailer here!



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