Final Fantasy 7 Remake is here: Storyline, Characters of Part 1, Expected Plot, Release Date, New Characters of Part 2 are here!


About Final Fantasy 7

On 10 April 2020 Square Enix developed as well as published the remake of Final Fantasy 7 a PlayStation. It was mainly developed for PlayStation 4 and was growing over the years. The Final Fantasy 7 story is set up on the Dystopian Cyberpunk Metropolis of Midgar. The players in Final Fantasy 7 have a role in mercenary named Cloud Strife. The players join Avalanche a group of eco-terrorist and they try to stop the mega-corporation Shrine who is using up all the sources of energy in the form of the planet’s life essence.

The Plot of Final Fantasy 7 

In the remake of Final Fantasy 7 Part1, it shows real-time action which includes having elements like role-playing and strategic gaming. In the game, it shows how players fight together against the Shrine Corporation but one of the eco-terrorist group members is captured by the shrine corporation and is tested on that member since that member is the last generation of the Cetra group. So basically this game follows how the eco-terrorist group fights against the mega-corporation to stop all the harmful things in the planet

Characters of Final Fantasy 7
Some of the main characters of the Final Fantasy 7 remake are Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Cid Highwind, Roche, Cait sith, Yuffie Kisaragi, Sephiroth, Professor Hojo, President Shrine.

Release Date of Final Fantasy 7

Though the Release Date of the Final Fantasy 7 remake was delayed from March 3 to April 10. The Makers told that it will not affect the release date of part 2 but till now the date is not being decided. However, fans are guessing that part 2 will likely be released during the fall of 2021

The Plot of Final Fantasy 7

Even though the story is not told by the makers but they did give us a hint that Sephiroth will remain the main villain but fans are also making rumors that in part 2 will focus on the cloud’s past and everyone’s favorite character Roche is likely to come back.

Release Date Final Fantasy 7

Even though the makers did not mention anything but as per the original saga of the game, Red XII may become a permanent player. Will new characters are created differently from the original game or will we see something different.


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