South Korean Web novel Solo Leveling returning with Season 2 much awaited updates.


Solo Leveling is a South Korean Web novel. It is written by Chu Gong. D&C media published it under their papyrus label. It is also licensed in English, named as Only I Level Up. This released on March 19, 2020, and has successfully won the hearts of viewers.

The story plot:

The story starts with the finding out away. This way is a connection between our world with the world of monsters and demons. Finally, we find a new genre of people who are referred to as hunters. Their work is to hunt these monsters and save people.

Now we see that the protagonist Sung Jin-Woo is of the weakest category of hunters. He has the powers almost equal to humans, so he is not given much heed. In fact, he is nicknamed “The Weakest.”

But one day he and a few more hunters find themselves trapped. They come across an extremely perilous trap. Many of them die. But  Sung Jin-Woo overcomes all the traps and emerges victorious. This helps him in winning the title of “The Player.” The story further describes his journey from being “The Weakest” to “The Player.”

New Season in the making:

Since the first Season released just a few months back, no news of the upcoming Season is declared. Not only officially but also unofficially, no news has popped.

But there is no harm in assuming. And we can expect new characters in the new Season. Even the plot may have twists. The amazingly increased number of viewers are making doubts clear. This is increasing the want of the new Season.

If you are yet to watch it, do have a check on it. It might turn out to be your favorite. And for more information, stay tuned. We will bring out the best-known information to you.



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