Rise of the Shield Hero Season 2 releasing in 2021???Other updates about Naofumi and the Other Casts are here!


About Rise of the Shield Hero Season 2

Naofumi is coming back soon in 2021 through the season 02 of Rise of the Shield Hero Season 02. It is going to be more interesting and more revealing as the creators have also announced Season 03. A lot more adventures, actions are waiting for the viewers of the series.

The 25 episodes ani television series produced by Kinema Citrus aired from January to June 2019. This is originally a Japanese light novel series which is written by Aneko Yusagi and published by Media Factory having 16 volumes.

The Plot of Rise of the Shield Hero Season 2

The content of the series is Superhero having and occupying weapons to fight with the monsters. The main character Naofumi Iwatani appears as an easy-going Japanese youth summoned to a parallel along with 2 other young men. They all are equipped with their own weapons when summoned.

Naofumi gets the legendary shield, the sole defensive equipment. Other heroes are supported by their kingdom and gained several strong allies each. But Naofumi was unlucky enough that he got betrayed by his single companion who was the kingdom’s princess. She took all his belongings and accused of sexually assaulting her.
Then Naofumi meets Raphtalia and an egg that hatches into a bird-like monster named “Filo” by him.

They both quickly grew into adulthood and turned more powerful. Naofumi gets back the trust of people by actions and he along with his companions get back to their work as saviors of the world.

The Genre of Rise of the Shield Hero Season 2

The series is full of drama, action, superb animations along with emotions. Many critics have also rated the series as one of the nicest animes. Rise of the shield hero has also got Crunchyroll Anime Awards for Raphtalia as the Best girl.

People who have watched the season 01, are definitely anxious about Naofumi’s next move with Raphtalia and Filo against the monsters and the Shields, weapons he gets during his path. It is also expected that Season 02 is going to be a bitter time for Naofumi and he may face other difficulties. Hence, it is very good news for the fans of the series as the coming of Season 2 and Season 3 are confirmed.


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