Master of None Season 3: Is “Aziz Ansari” Canceled from the Cast After The Sexual Allegations? Release Date, Plot and More Updates

Master of None Season 3: Was

About Master of None Season 3

Streaming as a Netflix original comedy series, Master of None stars Aziz Ansari as Dev. He is an easy-going commercial 30 years old actor living in New York City. As he is spending most of his time hanging out with his friends, a sequence of funny and meaningful events is occurring.

This series was inspired by Aziz Ansari who wrote and directed it based on his own daily life experiences. After 2 successful seasons of the show where they won both Emmys and Golden Globes, Master of None’s status in terms of renewal remains to be determined.

Is Master of None TV show canceled? Is there a chance for season 3 renewal? Or did the allegations on Aziz Ansari negatively affect the possibility of a third season?

Master of None Season 3 Release Date

As of now, Netflix has not yet ordered Master of None season 3. Due to some serious allegations made against Ansari, Netflix refrained from announcing or making any decisions about a new season.

To further elaborate, a former dated accused the actor of sexual misconduct where she claimed that he pressured her into it. Ansari addressed the allegations and apologized to her personally when he realized that she felt discomfort towards their date. Yet some still think it was not enough; as a result, fans lost hope in any probability of any season coming soon.

Later, Ansari did not make any public appearance for several months after releasing his response. This led many fans to wonder what is in store for the future of Master of None. Nonetheless, the streaming service’s head of unique content ‘Cindy Holland’ stated that they might move forward if Aziz is ready.

This means it depends on whether or not Ansari has been operating on principles and writing scripts, picking up from the last season. Thus, if he actually was doing so, season 3 might make a comeback with a series of amusements anytime next year.

Master of None Season 3 Cast

Moreover, we expect season 2’s cast to be in the new season if the show has not been called off.

Master of None Season 3: Was "Aziz Ansari" Cancelled After The Sexual Allegations? Release Date, Plot and More Updates
  • Aziz Ansari as Dev Shah,
  • Eric Wareheim as Arnold Baumheiser,
  • Lena Waithe as Denise,
  • Noël Wells as Rachel,
  • Kelvin Yu as Brian Chang; and many more.


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