Kissing Booth Season 3 to return in 2021 with Cast Joey King and Jacob Elordi as Elle Evans and Noah Flynn! How excited are the fans?


Story of Kissing Booth Season 2

The heartthrob series of Netflix is back with another season of the Kissing Booth. The first season of kissing booth shows the story of best friends Elle and lee who made certain rules to nurture their friendship and the most important rule was best friend relatives are off-limit.
However, Elle do a long time crush on lee brother Noah but she does not show it. In school lee and Elle comes up with an idea of a Kissing Booth for their annual fundraiser festival in which Noah confesses his love for Elle.
so, the story of the first season shows how Elle tries to maintain her friendship with lee as well to keep her love life with Noah hidden from Lee. At last of season 1, it shows how Elle made understood lee how much she loves Noah and it will not ruin their friendship. At the last of season 1, we see Elle and Noah spending the whole summer before Noah going to Harvard. In season 2 kissing booth we see Noah and Elle in a long-distance relationship. This season shows the problems that long-distance couples face and a entry of two new characters (Chloe and Marco).
It shows the chemistry between Marco and Elle and her insecurity towards Chloe and Noah’s closeness. It also shows how Elle struggles to make a decision for applying in college as Noah suggests her to apply at Harvard which brush her idea to study with lee at the University of California. As a result, Elle fills both the forms of Harvard and the University of California and got selected in both of them.

Release Date of Kissing Booth Season 3

So, in Season 3 of Kissing Booth, it will most probably show in which university will Elle go. will she go to Harvard and live with Noah? Or will she go with lee to make their childhood dream happen? Will Elle stay with Noah in a relationship or will she go to Marco ? can she Elle Noah and Lee to which university will she finally? All of these answers can only be answered after the release of Season 3.



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