Are Nao and Hisashi returning in Good Morning Season 3? More details about the next Season is here for you!


About Good Morning Season 3

The genre romantic TV show “Good morning “has not declared the date of their upcoming season after the Good morning calls (season 02). It may be due to the current COVID 19 pandemic or some other reasons for the show members. As there is no news since 2017, we can’t expect much about the launch of the next season.

“Good morning” is a Japanese manga turned live-action TV series streaming on Netflix and Fuji TV. The first season of the show was aired from 12th February 2016 to 10th June 2016. Following the success of the 1st season, the second one or to be precise Good morning calls came on 22nd September 2017. After that, there is no much news about the show and as there was no such prominent ending mentioned in the season 02, people are expecting season 03.

The Plot of Good Morning Season 3

The story of the Good morning was written by Yue takes and this show collected huge success by the youth and teenagers group. The series is based on a genre of soft romance with a charismatic and very good looking cast.
The two main characters Nao Yoshikawa and Hisashi Uhera have shown perfect chemistry between them from highschool to college in Tokyo. The show beautifully describes the transformation of friendship into love between Nao and Hisashi. Unknowingly they started living at the same flat in an apartment in Tokyo.

Both the characters are different by nature like Hisashi is more handsome and popular than Nao. Nao first develops feelings for Hisashi who still is not over his crush. But after some days, Nao confesses her feelings and they start dating. Then life happens to them and they faced difficulties in coping with each other and decided to break up. Nao is still struggling with herself to move on. This way, the story reflects the global love relationships and is popular among the youth.

There is no such appropriate information on the show and as we don’t know the show has canceled or not, we will miss Haruka Fukuhara (Nao) and Shunya Shiraishi (Hisashi) and expect for a happy ending of their beautiful love story.


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