Anime Series Demon Slayer Season 2 likely to be released on January or February of 2021! Know everything here!


About Demon Slayer Season 2

The Superhit demon slaughter written by Koyoharu Gotōge is likely to be released at the end of January or early February with its season 2. The Season 1 of Demon slayer revolves the story around a boy Tanjiro Kamad who use to sell charcoal and due to some incident he becomes a demon slaughter and his sister Nezuko turns into a demon .

The Series shows a number of incidents in each episode which shows how a demon slaughter kills the demons to have a peaceful life. In this series, it shows how a human being turns into a demon in order to gain power and the demon slaughter uses various techniques to kill the demon.

It also shows how Tanjiro is protected by her sister Nezuko despite her being turn into a demon. At last, Tanjiro becomes the demon king. However, season 1 did have a lot of loopholes which may be shown in Season 2.

Expectations from Demon Slayer Season 2

In Season 2 it may show the character flame Hashira’s development and how he managed to kill demons. The most important question is will Tanjiro be able to take revenge against those who killed his family?

Can Nezuka ever became a human being and if she becomes human what difficulties do Nezuka and her brother Tanjiro have to face?

Will in Season 2 their organization of Demon Slayer can be recognized by the government or will it no? What more techniques will be shown in season 2 for killing the demons .why does demon king Tanjiro did not entirely cure by the blood of Muzam? Did it mean that it will show a new twist in season 2?

Will the demons of Demon Slayer Season 2 will have new features in their characteristic? Can some of the characters who have become demons from humans will be reincarnated again human or will they have a survive like demons only?

Let us know what plot twist do you think can happen in Season 2!


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