Solo leveling Season 2, all you need to know about the Release Date, Plot and Cast is here!

Poster of solo levelling season 2

About Solo leveling Season 2

After manhwa and Anime lovers lend the Korean-based webcomic series with increasing popularity, it has been confirmed that the show is all set for a second season. The official release date was finally announced to be September 2 after months of speculations.

The first season ended in a mysterious note that has left a bunch of questions unanswered. The second season will provide answers to all of these. Besides, it is also expected to delve deeper into the mysterious superpowers that Sung-Jin Woo is showed to possess in the first season.

A lot of loose plot ends that were opened up in season 1, will be gradually winded up. Season 2 will also have a fair share of monster-fighting sequences like the ones that gripped the attention of its fans in the first season.

The Plot of Solo leveling Season 2

Solo leveling is based in the backdrop of South Korea and was composed by Chu-Gong, later printed under the papyrus tag and reported by D and C media. The action and fantasy initially gathered popularity in 2016 as a web novel that was released in Kakao’s digital fiction page, KakaoPage in July 2016. It was later officially licensed in English under the title “Only I level up”.

The manhwa had been adapted and serialized since 2018 by webtoons. The serialized manhwa was illustrated by Jang Sung-rack who also goes by the name Dubu and is the CEO of Reduce Studio. The plot includes a portal that was opened up between the earth and the monster world. The incident unleashed a reign of terror and only a few people, called the “hunters”, can destroy the monsters. The story follows the adventures of Sung Jin-Woo, a weak hunter who turns into the bravest of them all.

A cast list of the second season includes Move Joon-hee, Gyeong Hye-Park. Hwang Chi-you and Park Hee-Jin among others. A new episode will be out every Wednesday in the original language. The English translation is expected to take some time to appear.


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