Oppo’s super VOOC Charging Mechanism is going to be Renewed to provide 125 Watt fast charging.

Oppo's super VOOC Charging Mechanism is going to be Renewed to provide 125 Watt fast charging.

After IQOO’s 120 watts fast charging demonstration, many companies started working, and many companies that are working previously on fast charging have increased speed to provide fast charging faster than any other. In the series of fast charging technology Oppo has already had, it’s super VOOC 2.0  charging mechanism that can charge a 4000 mAh battery within a half an hour, and now they are increasing their speed of fast charging, which will, in turn, reduce the time to fifteen minutes. Oppo has officially announced its fast charging mechanism through its official Twitter account, as you can see below.

It clearly mentioned the date of 15 July. This the date when they officially announce the 125 w fast charging. However, Oppo’s sister company Vivo has already announced their 120-watt fast charging at Mobile World Congress 2019, which was held in their own country that is China, to be more precise Shanghai. Vivo is going provide  120 watts fast charging through IQOO, which is a sub-brand of Vivo.

However every coin has two sides, where one side is already mentioned that companies are going to take the charging speed at a peak level, but there are some problems associated with this that increasing the charging speed will definitely going to damage internal parts due to overheating as IQOO have mentioned that they would provide an extra layer of graphite and not only this they will also be working on the cooling system of the handset. Which suggest that if their research on cooling and other aspect is successful that the cost is going to rise and if they provide it at lower prices without proper cooling and heat management system it will ruin the life span of the mobile phone.

Hope companies will provide better cooling and heat management system at affordable prices. For more updates regarding this article or topic, stay tuned with us.


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