Instagram will let users sell their product…

Instagram will let users sell their product...

Instagram is a light and elegant social platform that lets its users enjoy without dumping a lot of things. With many amazing features, Instagram is one of the best social networking sites. 

New commerce feature on Instagram

With an add-on feature of e-commerce, Instagram will take it to a new level. Instagram has announced the launching of a new feature of letting its users sell their products on the site. The new feature will be available to the users from next month, i.e. July 2020.  

Requirements and features

It will let its users directly sell their products on the app. The platform declared the addition of new Commerce Eligibility Requirements that lets user shop on Instagram, more businesses, including creators. 

During the tough time of this pandemic, people have been locked inside their homes. Many people are not able to make it to the stores. Definitely, this Instagram store is going to help creators sell their products effectively and make a living. 

The updated feature will be available in all the countries from July 9. The necessary requirements include having a sufficient following base and the account should be genuine on whom users can trust. Instagram hasn’t mentioned the number of followers to get a business account. Secondly, the product sellers will have to tag the product to a single active website from where they sell their products. The website should be owned by the seller.

Instagram will let users sell their product...

For years, Instagram has been working to provide a shopping corner to the common masses. Earlier, in 2016, it introduced shopping tags. In 2018, the feature for shopping into Stories and the Explore tab. Instagram’s shopping section was available to celebrities and influencers in 2019. Even YouTube had let its users sell their goods in the US since 2018. Now the feature will be available for the common users as well.



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