Images Of Elon Musk’s “UFO On A Stick” Device That Will Connect Users To SpaceX’s Fleet of Starlink Internet Satellites Leaked!

Images Of Elon Musk's

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is manufacturing a satellite constellation by the name Starlink. The purpose of Starlink is to provide Internet access through communication satellites. This aerospace manufacturing company has published a lot of photos and videos of the desk-size satellites that weigh somewhere around 570 pounds.

But nothing was ever revealed about the ground devices that would be connected to Starlink. Luckily for Tesla and SpaceX fans, a few pictures recently went viral on the net that showed some probable ground-segment hardware that may be used to test the internet-beaming Starlink satellites! Yes, that’s right!

A Reddit user, darkpenguin22, shared some photos of the ground antennas on Saturday. In the picture, the antennas are set across the road from rows of grain corn. In the images, the terminals are marked as SpaceX’s property and are labeled as prototypes. The Reddit user, who wants to maintain his anonymity, has taken the pictures near Merrillan, Wisconsin.

The Reddit user works in IT as a sysadmin and has been following Tesla and SpaceX’s work for both personal and professional purposes. He used a telephoto lens to capture the images. He further adds in his statement that the idea of Starlink is great as it will enable more people to work while still enjoying the rural lifestyle.

Images Of Elon Musk's "UFO On A Stick" Device That Will Connect Users To SpaceX's Fleet of Starlink Internet Satellites Leaked!SpaceX has already launched some 1,600 Starlink satellites to an altitude of 340 miles above Earth. It plans to send a new bunch of around 60 satellites in every two weeks. The company projects that by the end of the decade, nearly tens and thousands of these internet-beaming satellites should orbit the Earth.

Images Of Elon Musk's "UFO On A Stick" Device That Will Connect Users To SpaceX's Fleet of Starlink Internet Satellites Leaked!

Elon Musk had earlier described the size of user terminals as medium-sized pizzas. He further described it as “a thin, flat, round UFO on a stick.” According to Musk, it is pretty easy to set the terminals up. All one’s got to do is plug them and make them point towards the sky.

The company will earn billions of dollars by getting more and more people on-board while providing them with high-speed and low-lag internet from any part of the world.


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