Erica The Artificial Intelligence Robot Is All Set To Be A Lead Actress in ‘b’

Erica The Artificial Intelligence Robot Is All Set To Be A Lead Actress in 'b'

Artificial Intelligence In Movies

If science experts from across the world are to be believed, then artificial intelligence is the next big thing that is going to hit the world. Amongst the science community, artificial intelligence has grown from strength to strength over the years, and it is no mystery that today’s a revolution in itself. However, one cannot deny that the existence of artificial intelligence is just for the namesake of common people like you and me.

Erica The Artificial Intelligence Robot

Talking more about artificial intelligence to Japanese scientists had created an artificial intelligence robot named Erica, which they had used for several years to get the hang of artificial intelligence uses that they can extract from her and other devices that could be made on similar lines.

Erica, the artificial intelligence robot, proved to be too good for the job and has been a great help for the scientists who are devising the new Internet of Things for artificial intelligence. Talking more about the application of artificial intelligence, a movie is being made in Hollywood, which will be titled ‘b.’ Now the makers of the movie have decided that as the lead actress, they want to sign Erica the artificial intelligence robot.

Erica The Artificial Intelligence Robot Is All Set To Be A  Lead Actress in 'b'

The Lead Actress

It sounds strange, but it is the truth that they want the voice of Erica as their lead actress in a science fiction movie that they are about to produce pretty soon. What is to be seen is what character does Erica really play, and how does she give justice to what is needed in a real-time movie. The makers are confident that people are going to love Erica in the role of the lead actress.

They said that they had worked for over a year to extract and instill emotions and dialogue delivery in Erica, who had no such experience to know anything about all this. It will be interesting to see whether these emotions are able to replicate on the screen. Nevertheless, it is our revolutionary step, and fans are extremely excited to watch the film.



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