Virginia: A Salute to Frontline Workers : Pharrell Williams’s new song is a tribute to the workers fighting coronavirus…


As the entire world is tackling the coronavirus pandemic, the efforts of the corona warriors haven’t been hidden from anyone. Whether it’s the health officials or the various workers, they all deserve a salute. 

Holding the same ideology, Pharrell Williams along with record producer Chad Hugo has released a song dedicated to the frontline workers of Virginia. Virginia is their home state. 

Pharrell released the song titled “Virginia: A Salute to Frontline Workers” on the Twitter page of his music festival which is named “Something in the Water.”

What did he say in the video?

Before the commencement of the music video, it had a message from Pharrell. He stated the factors that motivated him to come up with the song.

Soon after the first Something In The Water in 2019, the lyrics of the song were finalized. Pharrell wanted to add the song in his documentary about the festival.

He praised the unity of his community that stood together against all odds to fight the problem that has struck the masses. He said that this is really inspiring.

Williams also prayed that they all should be blessed with a rational mind and goodwill that can guide them throughout.

The video has featured scenes from the Virginia Coastline. It also includes frontline workers with various testing kits for the detection of coronavirus. They have been shown performing their job with a sense of duty.

Pharrell made a conclusion by saying that everyone is facing a challenging problem. He added that people have been withstanding difficult situations and have recovered from them soon. He said that the incredible people of Virginia have always inspired the common masses.

Many other celebrities have also paid tribute to these warriors in their own ways. We hope that we quickly get rid of this pandemic that has created havoc in the World. 



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