“Princess Diana Slept With John F Kennedy Jr.” Reveals Diana’s Close Friend In Her Book Diana: The Last Word


Diana And Kennedy

Princess Diana had died in a Car accident in Paris in 1997. Two years after her death John F. Kennedy Jr. the then president of the United States of America and the son of The royal family in America also died in a plane crash. But even after so many years of their demise the stories of their alleged affair are still fresh and rather unexplored. The rumors had it that Princess Diana had a passionate love affair with John F Kennedy Junior.

Diana: the Last Word

Although there is no proven record for the same, Princess Diana’s friend Simone Simmons, who was really close to her had written a book in which she revealed some details about the same. Princess Diana’s friend Simone Simmons had written a book titled Diana: the Last Word. In this book she had said that Princess Diana was never the one who enjoyed flings but John F. Kennedy Jr. Was a great lover and this compelled Diana to fall for her. In fact, she even stated that Princess Diana had told her that she had started talking to John F. Kennedy jr. and the comradery began to cultivate so much so that it only ended up in bed. Yes. This was actually claimed by Princess Diana’s friend that she had slept with John F Kennedy Junior. These revelations in the book Diana: the Last Word have raked up a new controversy around the life of Princess Diana and John F Kennedy Junior.

Controversial Deaths

Moreover both of their lives and their deaths are as controversial as they can be where on one hand rinses diagnose death is regarded as a conspiracy by the Royal Family itself. John F. Kennedy. Junior’s death is also linked with some conspiracy theories. Amidst all this the News and rumors of their alleged Affair are just making things heat up again.


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