Jax Taylor maybe be fired from the show ‘Vanderpump rules’, after fans urge Bravo…

Jax Taylor maybe be fired from the show 'Vanderpump rules', after fans urge Bravo...

Four cast members of Vanderpump Rules have already been removed from the show, and now the dagger is on Jax Taylor. People who have been removed have given racial remarks. Fans are filing a petition to get him removed from the show and are urging Bravo as well to remove him from the show. 

Jax Taylor had gained stardom from the very show. Lance Bass has said that he, too, feels that the show might remove him. 

There has been continuous campaigning to get Taylor removed from the show. Bass said on his podcast that he is of the perspective that Bravo won’t keep Taylor. 

Jax Taylor maybe be fired from the show 'Vanderpump rules', after fans urge Bravo...

Bass, who was supposedly a close friend of Taylor and Taylor’s wife Brittany Cartwright, has been lately distancing himself from Taylor. 

The former members of NSYNC had said that Bass was cutting ties with Taylor in their business venture.

Bass further said that Taylor is going beyond the limits, and it is heavily going to cost him. Nobody can be involved with whatever has been happening, and people have to do the right thing.

Billie Lee also wants Jax Taylor to be fired.

The transgender activist, Bills Lee, is amongst the many who are raising their voices to get Taylor kicked out of his career on television. Lee recalled an incident citing that Jax Taylor didn’t want to work in a film with her just because she was trans. She asked to stop promoting his disgusting actions.

She further said that she went into a severe depression all because of Jax Taylor while filming with him for the show. Lee said that shooting for the show was her hardest times, and it is then when her mental issues pumped up. She further said that when she started encountering suicidal thoughts, it was then when she realized that she had to disconnect from the show.

Lee further told that, initially, people were good to her in front of the cameras, but behind the scenes, they humiliated her. Lee told that she tried to change Taylor’s mindset regarding the transgender community, but he never changed.



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