Here are the must haves… Check out the best iOS apps for your phone!!!


We always keep searching for the best. And want refined stuffs to make things easier. So here we bring out the cream for you. Introducing the top ten apps of May 2020 which has helped people in this lockdown.

List of the apps with a short description:

  • Productive:

This app is extremely productive as its name suggests. It has the ability to help us in making a to do list. And thereafter gets the work done in a stress free way. All we need to do is to follow the list which can be customized by us and complete the mentioned.

  • Couch to 5K Run:

Next comes this app which guides users to run for 5kms or 3.1 miles. It tracks the postures, movements and covered distance of the user and makes him or her ready for a 5K race.

  • ComiXology:

Then comes this app for comic lovers. It is a storehouse of the very famous comics and novels available at our fingertips. It also provides offline reading opportunity and makes readers experience fun.

  • Forest:

Forest is a very unique and amazing app. We normally find apps restricting our mobile usage to be annoying. But this app is a soothing one. It basically shows a tree from its sapling stage to its grown stage. This keeps the phone aloof from any other app usage. Hence restricts mobile usage for 30 mins.

  • Twitch:

Thereafter this app is a big hit for gamers. It makes the game streaming experience worth it and fun. You can also connect to gamers available on Twitch and exchange informations at your convenience.

  • Apple Numbers:

If you are bored of MS Excel then this app is your rescue. Extremely useful and handy app with varied features which makes working fun.

  • Rescue Time:

Similar app for saving time in a well planned manner.

  • bThis app introduces us to an amazing AR experience for the first time. It informs us about the creation of the universe and also information related to stars, planets, supernova and much more. It is a reality fruitful app to spend time on.

  • PopcornFlix:

The love of the movie lovers. It is totally legal and free of cost. Allows access to a variety of movies and makes entertainment easily achievable.

  • Turbo Scan:

Scans all contents and keeps the phone safe from bugs.

All these apps are amazing. And if you are yet to use either of them, surely do. But if you are done then keep using them. For more trending information stay tuned.


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