Facebook’s New Gaming App REJECTED By Apple For The Fifth Time!! Here’s Why This Happened!

Last month, the Facebook Games Division submitted ‘Facebook Gaming’ to Apple only to have it rejected. This was, however, not surprising since the app has already been rejected four times before this. Here’s everything you need to know about this ordeal:

Why Was Facebook Gaming Rejected?

The developers and executives at Facebook are growing restless, with their latest gaming app having been rejected for the fifth time. Apple has a strict policy of not allowing applications whose ‘main purpose’ is to distribute games. While the Facebook Gaming app’s purpose is precisely that, they are trying to find loopholes around these rules. However, till now, they have not been successful, since five different versions of the app have been rejected.

What Is Facebook Doing Now?

Facebook is still trying to come up with a new version of the same application, but things are not looking good. According to inside sources, the chances of the Facebook Gaming app are low because of Apple’s own sale of games. The tech-giant does not want Facebook competing with it for sale of games, hence the incessant rejections.

Due to this entire ordeal, the European Commission has opened an anti-trust investigation into Apple. This is to ensure that Apple follows its own rules. In a recent tweet, David Hanson wrote, “We keep trying to find logic, consistency in Apple’s App Store decisions. What’s different about Fastmail? Why not Gmail? Outlook?” He also added, answering his own question, “The answer is much more basic: power. Apple can do what they want, when they want, so they do.”

Has The App Been Accepted By Google?

The application was developed in April, 2020, with the main purpose of allowing users to watch live streams of other gamers, socially network with them and play simple games. Google was quick to accept Facebook Gaming and even began offering the app from April 20.