Amazon to launch $2 billion fund to invest in sustainable technology

Amazon to launch $2 billion fund to invest in sustainable technology


The great technology giant Amazon announced that it has set up a $2 billion fund purely wholehearted to investing in technologies that will go to reduce the carbon footprint of several companies and reduce the carbon content in the environment.

This is going to be a milestone from Amazon, and definitely, this tech giant has pledged for cleaning the environment up to 2030. Jeff Bezos explained in a press release that companies that include a startup or a well-established enterprise. Every aspect of the company will be analyzed, and their potential and interest regarding pollution control will be assessed, what is the limit which the company accelerate the path to zero carbon emission and help to protect our planet for future generations.

Amazon to launch $2 billion fund to invest in sustainable technology

Not only this, but The Climate Pledge Fund will also be invested in the companies of any type, for instance, whether it is transportation or a chemical or energy generation or any other type. Can take benefit from it.

 The list is still going on Amazon also invested $440 million in the electric vehicle startup and $100 million for Right Now Climate Fund. That will support reforestation projects around the world. The total amount that was donated by the Amazon is greater than the total GDP of some countries.

This would create huge respect towards this Nobel step started by Jeff Bezos, and the maybe more industrial giant will join the movement, and there will be a time future when carbon emission will approximately equal to zero, and our earth will breathe again under the clear sky with fresh water.

Bezos has also put his desire to see other industrialists joining the movement, and they will take it one step forward and make it as soon as possible so that they will suffer for along duration. As we have seen many adverse effects of change such as unevenness in rainfall, melting of ice at a faster rate, and recently we have seen bush fire case in Australia is all due climate change hope this one step will take away from unnecessary carbon emotion.


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